Smoktech V8 Baby-T12 Red Light Coil Red 5Pack


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Output Range 50W-90W
Series V8 Baby-T12 Red Light
Department Coil
Brand Smoktech
Color Red

Department: Coil. Discover the art of vaping excellence with our vape coils, providing both visual appeal and exceptional coil performance, ensuring every draw from your chosen coil is a delightful and memorable experience.

Brand: Smoktech. Smoktech Advanced Box Mods: For experienced vapers, Smok’s box mods provide a world of customization. With adjustable wattage and temperature settings, you can dial in the perfect vape every time.

Coil: Duodecuple CoilFor those who crave extraordinary clouds of vapor without compromising on flavor, the Newest Smok Duodecuple Coil is the ultimate solution, promising a remarkable balance of massive cloud production and exceptional taste.

Design: Bullet-style. Elevate your vaping game with our stylish bullet-style design, offering a visually pleasing and efficient solution that sets your device apart from the rest.

Series: V8 Baby-T12 Red Light. Elevate your vaping experience with the T12 Red Light Coils. With their 0.15-ohm resistance and stunning light effect, they bring a new level of excitement to your vaping routine.

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