Smoktech V8 Baby X4 Core Coil 5Pack


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Output Range 30W-70W
Department Coil
Design Bullet-style
Color Silver
Brand Smoktech
Compatible with TFV8 Baby Tank/TFV8 Big Baby Tank/TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank/TFV12 Baby Prince Tank
Series V8 Baby X4 Core

Coil: Quadruple Coil Unleash the full potential of your vaporizer with Quadruple Coil. Designed for enthusiasts, it maintains the original scents and flavors of your concentrates, providing a premium vaping experience.

Department: Coil. Make a statement with your vaping setup by choosing our sleek and modern vape coils, offering not only exceptional performance but also reliable and precise coil technology that complements your device.

Brand: Smoktech. Smoktech Tanks: Smok’s tanks are celebrated for their compatibility with tanks and atomizers from other brands. This compatibility allows you to personalize your vaping setup, whether you prioritize cloud production or flavor intensity.

Design: Bullet-style. Experience the art of simplicity and elegance with our bullet-style design, designed to provide a visually appealing and user-friendly experience that elevates your vaping journey.

Series: V8 Baby X4 Core. Elevate your vaping experience with V8 Baby X4 Quadruple Coils. This pack of 5 coils is ideal for the Mini TFV8 Tank and Big Baby TFV8. With a resistance of 0.15ohm, they shine between 45w to 60w, offering a deliciously smooth vaping experience.

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