Smoktech AL6000 Blue Razz Ice Disposable 6000 Puffs 650mAh


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Color Solid Color
Nicotine Strength 5%
Charging Type-C Port
Flavor Blue Razz Ice
Series AL6000
Brand Smoktech
Battery capacity 650mAh
Output Range 17W
Department Disposable
Puffs 6000 Puffs
Capacity 13ml
Design Flagon-shaped

Firing: Draw-activation. Discover the ease and comfort of the draw-activated firing system, where vaping feels more like traditional smoking, with no buttons to press, simplifying the experience for those transitioning from cigarettes.

Nicotine Strength: 5%. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Minors are prohibited from purchasing.

Brand: Smoktech. Smoktech Vape with Confidence: When you choose Smoktech, you’re choosing a brand with a reputation for quality and innovation. Enjoy a vaping experience that combines performance, style, and reliability.

Charging: Type-C Port. The vape kit offers a rechargeable Type-C port system, you can charge the vape when the battery is exhausted. Charging time is approximately 75 minutes, depending on usage.

Color: Solid Color. Say goodbye to overly complicated devices and embrace the sleek and modern design of our advanced solid color vape, celebrated for its ability to enhance your vaping experience while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Design: Flagon-shaped. Immerse yourself in the world of vaping sophistication with our flagon-shaped disposable vape, a pocket-sized work of art that seamlessly combines unique design with effortless portability, making it your ideal vaping companion for those moments when you desire something truly special.

Series: AL6000. Experience unrivaled vaping with the Smok Novo Bar AL6000 Disposable. Boasting a massive 13ml e-liquid reservoir and 50mg nicotine strength, it delivers an astonishing 6000 puffs. Recharge the 650mAh battery via USB-C for uninterrupted vaping pleasure.

Coil: Mesh Coil. Make every puff count with our precision-woven mesh coil, engineered to maximize e-liquid absorption and create a dense, flavorful vapor cloud that satisfies every time.

Department: Disposable. Experience vaping made effortless with our disposable vape collection, designed for ultimate convenience and featuring a diverse array of flavors that ensure there’s something to delight every taste bud.

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