Smoktech T-Air Subtank Vape Tanks


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Coil Resistance 0.2ohm/0.15ohm
Capacity 5ml
Size 32*51.7mm/26.6*51.7mm
Brand Smoktech
Material Stainless Steel
Series T-Air Subtank
Department Vape Tanks

Design: Bullet-style. Say goodbye to ordinary aesthetics and embrace the unique charm of our advanced bullet-style design, known for its eye-catching appearance and efficient functionality.

Connection: 510 Thread. Dive into a world of vaping diversity with our 510 thread vape kit, designed to accommodate a spectrum of e-liquid cartridges, making it effortless to switch between flavors and formulations.

Brand: Smoktech. Smoktech Ergonomic Comfort: Smoktech devices are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring a comfortable grip during extended vaping sessions. Say goodbye to hand fatigue.

Department: Vape Tanks. Immerse yourself in the future of vaping with our high-quality vape tanks, designed to maximize flavor and vapor production, ensuring that every draw is a delightful and memorable experience.

Series: T-Air Subtank. The SMOK T-Air Subtank boasts a generous 5ml e-liquid capacity and features a replaceable 16mm 810 drip tip on top, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit on your lips. Say goodbye to messy refills as you open the top cap to reveal two spacious fill ports.

Coil: Mesh Coil. Say goodbye to coil replacements with our advanced mesh coil, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to gunk buildup, ensuring a long-lasting and flavorful vape.

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