Smoktech V12-Strip Coil 3Pack


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Output Range 60W-140W
Department Coil
Color Silver
Brand Smoktech
Series V12-Strip
Coil Resistance 0.15ohm

Department: Coil. Dive into a world of versatility and customization with our precision-engineered vape coils, offering options for sub-ohm, mouth-to-lung, and rebuildable setups to cater to every vaping preference.

Coil: Strip CoilThe Strip Coil’s unique construction results in a larger heating area and radiation area, which promotes even heating and speedy e-juice vaporization.

Series: V12-Strip. Elevate your clouds and flavor with the V12 Prince Strip Coil by SMOK. Made from Kanthal, this coil’s innovative heating membrane unit ensures lightning-fast e-juice absorption and efficient heating for a remarkable vaping experience.

Brand: Smoktech. Smoktech Adjustable Settings: With adjustable wattage and temperature settings, Smoktech devices put you in control of your vaping journey. Customize your vapor production and flavor intensity for a truly satisfying experience.

Design: Bullet-style. Say goodbye to ordinary aesthetics and embrace the unique charm of our advanced bullet-style design, known for its eye-catching appearance and efficient functionality.

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